Whether you are taking piano lessons or teaching piano lessons, I hope you might find these resources helpful.

How to Adjust the Piano Bench

Each body is unique, and the height and distance of the piano bench must be adjusted to allow you to play with maximum ease and comfort. Here is a PDF with detailed description and images on how to achieve the proper bench adjustment for your unique body. Properly Adjusting the Piano Bench

Books on Music

Book Cover: The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart by Madeline Bruser The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart by my teacher Madeline Bruser. Anyone who wishes to break through to a new level of playing should read this book. Madeline speaks to all of us as she untangles the sometimes confusing and frustrating path of making music that comes from the heart. She helps us see how our habits can get in the way of our natural musical abilities. In addition to providing solutions to issues caused by improper use of the body, Madeline gives detailed steps to help us deepen our listening and perception of the music we're making. Her book, and her teaching, helped me go beyond my limitations and play the piano with greater ease, achieve the sound I always knew I was capable of, and most importantly, she helped me play pain free.

Piano Tuner and Technician

Boris Novofastovsky. Boris is a 3rd generation piano tuner/technician, he is Steinway certified and has extensive experience tuning European brand and antique pianos. Visit Boris' website:

Boris has been tuning and caring for my Estonia grand piano for over 9 years. Boris keeps my piano in pristine condition and gives it a full, rich sound more beautiful than when I selected it on the showroom floor. I appreciate and trust the kind care and attention he provides me and my business.

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May all of your efforts be filled with joy.
Louis Yungling

I teach in my Brooklyn Heights studio where, through an integration of traditional piano lessons and mindfulness awareness techniques, together we discover and develop your natural musical self. I also teach via FaceTime and Skype.

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Community Composition
On September 18, 2016 I launched a community music project in which 64 Brooklynites rolled dice to add notes to a composition. The winning title is: Bits Of Brooklyn.

Click the title to view or download the original notes, two arrangements and a recording.