Videos For Parents And Beginners

I wish to post videos intended to help parents support their children’s practice. In the beginning, it is difficult for young children to remember everything they learned at their piano lesson. Often they will have questions about hand position, counting, and general terminology that appears in their music. I hope these videos will be helpful … Read the rest

Imagination: Part 2

The playfulness of imagination opens us up and can put our minds and bodies at ease. We can become more receptive as we engage our imaginations with fantasy, delight and possibility.

My young piano student Ben was contemplating the often confusing 1st and 2nd endings we find in music. For those who are not familiar … Read the rest

Imagination and Laughter

[fb_button]I have a young student who is quite capable for his age. 7 year old Ben is enthusiastic to learn the classics and he practices well.  However, when beginning a new piece and confronting the challenges of new reading, I noticed he becomes a bit distant and disengaged.  During our last piano lesson I asked … Read the rest

The Space of Appreciation

The Space of Appreciation
Today was my student piano recital. Each recital I write a nice program and include a little something to sum up the spirit of the semester. Today, the word was Appreciation.
For a lot of us, appreciation is like a ship sailing close to rocky shores, it could use a
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As a piano teacher, I often reflect on the courage it takes to be a musician. Whether we are learning a challenging piece of music, performing from memory, or making time in our busy schedules to pursue music lessons, it takes courage to accomplish our goals. I see this every day in the piano studio, … Read the rest

Listening and Feeling as We Practice

I recently had an amazing experience in the practice room.  Not as a teacher, but as a practicing musician.  I had been playing a musical passage for several weeks and I was feeling angry and frustrated that I still needed to play it slowly.  I began to get very agitated and the thought came to … Read the rest