Piano Lessons for Children

Having fun is important, and being engaged is essential, but proper development of the body and mind at the piano is key to allowing the fun and engagement to grow and continue.

My approach to piano teaching is strongly influenced by my own meditation practice and study. I provide young beginners an enjoyable environment to practice and develop deep listening skills, whole-body awareness, and proper body use and breathing skills. Meditation and contemplation are both a part of the piano lesson and the daily practice your child will be developing.

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Supporting Your Child's Efforts

Learning proper practice habits takes place in the studio, and the strengthening of those habits happens with regular practice at home. Since you may not have music experience, I recommend taking 1 or more specially priced parent lessons tailored specifically to help you confidently and enjoyably participate in and support your child's practice efforts.

Non-musician Parent. If you are a non-musician, in this one-hour lesson you will learn the most basic aspects of piano playing from a child's perspective to give you the confidence to support your child in their daily practice habits. You will learn basic note reading, essential terminology, proper hand position and finger use, as well as how to adjust the piano bench at the proper height and distance for your child.

Parent with basic music experience. If you have some music experience (piano or other instrument), in this one-hour lesson we will fill in any gaps in your music knowledge to help you support your child in their practice efforts. Your lesson might include Bass Clef note reading, proper hand position and finger use, technique, and essential terminology, for example. This class is customized based on the extent of your existing knowledge.

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Requirements for Piano Lessons

A Piano. I require students to have either an acoustic piano in excellent working condition or an electronic piano with 88 full-sized, weighted, touch-sensitive keys and a damper pedal. You can count on me to help you choose an acoustic or electronic piano. It's my pleasure to make sure you have the best instrument for your goals and budget.

Time and Practice For students to get the most out of their piano lessons, I require students have sufficient time to practice regularly. A child of 6 will typically need 10-15 minutes of practice 5 days/wk in the beginning. Older children will typically require 30 minutes or more of daily practice 5 days/wk.

Recitals. Performing is the practice of being vulnerable, courageous and generous. I use piano lessons to teach my students how to connect to their inspirations, appreciate their efforts and contributions, and to develop a strong relationship to others through giving. There are two recitals per year, and they are fun, empowering and memorable.

The Value of Music. Music is a whole-being activity that engages our mind, body, and emotions. I expect all who matriculate in my studio to value music study as equal in importance as any other educational pursuit.

If you are ready to take the next step and explore having your child take piano lessons with me, I invite you to a free in-person consultation.

To schedule a consultation, or to ask any questions you might have, you may use my contact form or call me at 917.595.7137.

My Brooklyn piano studio is located in Brooklyn Heights and is within walking distance, or easily accessible by subway, to residents of Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Carroll Gardens, DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Park Slope and Lower Manhattan. View map.

I teach in my Brooklyn Heights studio where, through an integration of traditional piano lessons and mindfulness awareness techniques, together we discover and develop your natural musical self. I also teach via FaceTime and Skype.

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Community Composition
On September 18, 2016 I launched a community music project in which 64 Brooklynites rolled dice to add notes to a composition. The winning title is: Bits Of Brooklyn.

Click the title to view or download the original notes, two arrangements and a recording.